A simpler path to guaranteed income.

Embrace retirement with an income foundation that delivers on its promises.

Everyone deserves guaranteed income.

We’re living longer than ever.
Did you know:

The Desire for Guaranteed Income


91% of investors stress that guaranteed income is an important part of their retirement income plan.1

Avoid Running out of Money


40% of all American households with a head of household between the ages 35 – 64 are expected to run short of money in their retirement.2

We are Living


50% of the American population misestimated their life expectancy by at least five years.3

As you enjoy your retirement years, you shouldn’t have to worry about outliving your hard-earned savings. 

1 “Generation X Turning to Annuities at Higher Rates in Search of Protection as Private Sector Pensions Disappear.” (2021, June 21) Cannex.

2 VanDerhei, J. (2019, March 7). “Retirement Savings Shortfalls: Evidence From EBRI’s 2019 Retirement Security Projection Model®.” EBRI.​

3 Fauquier, C., Perlman, B. (2020). Longevity Perceptions and Drivers: How Americans View Life Expectancy. Society of Actuaries​.

Peace of mind you can’t outlive.

At Merit, we make it easy to secure your income in retirement.

Guaranteed for life.

 Distributions continue for as long as you need them.

Consistent income.

No matter the market conditions.

Ready access.

Your money remains in your account and under your control.

Banyan: a straightforward solution.

Focused and powerful, our CDA offers a transparent path to consistent retirement income.

Guaranteed 5% annual distributions.4

Maintain access to funds.

55 basis points.

4 Mentions of guaranteed income are subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of your contract.

Looking forward starts now.