Introducing Rowan: our multi-year guaranteed annuity with added flexibility.



Step into your brighter future with innovative solutions that refocus the path to retirement security.

Ease is everything. 

Simplifying business for a better customer experience.

Planning for retirement can feel overwhelming. It’s our job to relieve that stress by making doing business as easy as possible.

We streamline our processes, remove unnecessary obstacles, and set a new standard for service so you can stay focused firmly on your bright future.

Easy-To-Use Systems

We invest in state-of-the-art technology platforms that are intuitive to use, easier to understand, and more efficient for your convenience.

Uninterrupted Control

Your trusted advisor understands your retirement goals best. Continue working with them to incorporate our products into your overall investment strategy.

Available Customer Service

We handle all of our customer service in-house so you can speak with available client service representatives and feel supported every step of the way.

Products with purpose.

Explore retirement solutions designed to help you plan your future with confidence.

Intentional Innovation

We design our products with strategic advantages to help you secure your retirement, your way.

Implement with Ease

We make doing business as easy as possible by streamlining our processes and prioritizing transparency.

Collaborative Design

We listen to what our partners and clients need to create products that meet real and relevant retirement needs.

Merit and you.

Design your dream retirement. Secure it with Merit.

For individuals.

Work with a financial professional to develop a plan that supports your ideal retirement.

For professionals.

Help your clients build a financial strategy that carries them through retirement.

Looking forward starts now.