Making retirement simpler, together.

Discover a streamlined path to retirement. Step into your brighter future with guaranteed income that’s made to last.

We believe retirement can be easier for everyone. 

That’s why we create transparent solutions that simply last a lifetime.

Refreshingly Simple

Made to Last

Partner for a Lifetime

Refreshingly Simple

Made to Last

Partner for a Lifetime

A simpler path to guaranteed income.

Embrace retirement with an income foundation that delivers on its promises.

Guaranteed for life.

Consistent income.

Ready access.

Banyan: a straightforward solution.

Focused and powerful, our fixed contingent deferred annuity offers a transparent path to consistent retirement income.


Your money is always within your reach. 


Keep working with your trusted advisor and maintain access to your money.


Your income stream stays consistent no matter the market conditions.

For Financial Professionals

Empower your clients with the support of Banyan.

Looking forward starts now.